Sam Albers

11 minute read

In January, I was lucky enough to attend the 2020 edition of RStudio::conf. Perhaps predictably, the conference and workshops were exceptional and to see all the wonderful things that folks in the R community are capable of was quite inspiring. People are really quite clever. Attending the tidy dev day was such a nice epilogue to the conference because after spending so much time listening to people talk about their code, I was pretty keen to crack open R and have at it myself. Before I lose…

Sam Albers

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This is a bit of a grandiose title for a blog post. But it is important to have ambition right? In 2003, after releasing Michigan, Sufjan Stevens announced his intention to release one album as an ode to each of the fifty American states, appropriately named the Fifty States Project. Despite only completing two albums (the other being Illinois) I appreciate his ambition, and desire to be thorough (and also those wacky costumes).

What the Buck?

Buck talk

Sam Albers

7 minute read

I recently appeared on my pal Morgan Tams’ radio program on Cortes Island Radio. The idea is to appear weekly and talk about a single artist/band for 15 minutes. Not terribly ambitious but I thought it would be fun to explore the spotify API and generate some summaries of who we are talking about. For our first installment, Morgan and I chatted about the legendary Buck Owens. Darn—I just lost 10 minutes of my life searching for Buck Owens gifs. Oh well. Here is a still of the man: